Shir-lo-an chesternaut

A beautiful charming and intellegent woman, who's recent exaltion caused an uproar through out metagalapa


Shir-lo-an Chesternaut- age 24

Anime Totem: glimmering golden crown, adorned with symbolic hawk’s

Motivation: to achieve authority metagalapa from the council, and prove the solar’s righteousness.

Apperance (4): a short, blonde, beautiful woman in her mid 20’s with tanned skin,susually wearing comfortable tight leather clothes and an haslanti flying helment and goggles

Short history: shir’ was born in the floating mountain of metagalapa, in a time of great changes and changing tradition’s. as the daughter of metagalapa’s best hawk-breeder family, she received the finest education and learned both bureaucracy and self defense. her family’s wealth and importance increased, as trade in with the outside world developed following the hawk rider’s first ventures. her father, a strict, honorable man,restricted his daughter in a variety of ways, wanting her to grow into an honest perfect daughter and housewife. however, her tomboy mischievous streak caused him no end of frustration. against his wishes she sneaked into the airy and learned, how to ride the war-hawk’s,and at the age of 16 ran away from home on her Favorited mount, talon, and returned after a month with souvenir’s from the north and no end of stories. he stopped fighting her after that. she made occasional trip’s to lookshy and halta as an ambassador, forging relation with different cultures, and began using her wealth to aid her father’s company (with, or without his permission.) when her father scorned her publicly, demeaning her as a vagabond and sinner. in her retribution as she answered his every accusation, with varying response from righteous anger to logical explanation, she exalted by the light of the unconquered sun. the shocked people cheered for the heroine,as the council gathered to decide her fate

Shir-lo-an chesternaut

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