an agent of the all seeing eye, gone rogue upon exaltion


Chidori- age 20

Cast: night

Anime Totem: a flock of golden birds

Motivation: kill bal keraz, minister of finances and director fo the all seeing eye.

Appearance (3): a tall, young attractive woman, with dark hair, pale skin and blue piercing eyes. usually wears a white top and dark pants

Short history: chidori was born to weak blooded dynasts of the iselsi dragon- blooded, a disgraced family, who’s decendet are covertly employed in the empire’s many dirty businessess. as such she was trained from a young age as an assassin and was quickly recognized as a natural talent. from the age 14 when she completed her basic training she was staitoned at greyfalls spying and assassinating enmies of the realm. in a her last mission she investigated an important dynast, and uncovered evidence of many illegal realm based operations, ranging from kidnapping children for experiments to butchering pockets of resistance. as the eye’s agent pursued her, she exalted as a night cast, and evaded several dragon-blooded agents, killing at least 3 in the process. since then she has has been under mining grey falls operation’s with some support from lookshy contacts, waiting for an opportunity to uncover their foul plots and destroy its agents


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